Wifx's Lorix One gateway have a built in script which handles different cloud providers' packet forwarders. Lorix One supports Loriot out of the box and our binary is preinstalled at /opt/lorix/clouds/loriot.

configuring Loriot must happen through a built in script called /etc/init.d/clouds-manager.sh. Fine tuning Loriot binary can happen with the text file called options in /opt/lorix/clouds/loriot.

Fine tuning example, changing Loriot server address: 

-edit /opt/lorix/clouds/loriot/options

-add a line -s <Loriot server url>

-restart the process with /etc/init.d/clouds-manager.sh restart

Further information about Lorix One gateway can be found in its user manual which can be downloaded from https://lorixone.io

Further information about Loriot's binary fine tuning can be found in Loriot's dashboard under documentation->gateway->basic setup