supported versions:

 -FPGA v61

to find out your version, use show fpga command

step 0: register the gateway as a Cisco IXM with the mac address on the gateway's sticker
step 1: check that Actility packer forwarder is not installed with show packet-forwarder status [enable mode] ]if it is, then uninstall it with packet-forwarder uninstall [configure terminal mode]
step 2: install Loriot binary in the usual way. Commands are found on the software section of the gateway dashboard
step 3: add the following line to /data/lrt/

ip link set dev eth0 address <mac address on the gateway's sticker>

Please fill the MAC address
step 4: you need to copy to to the proper init.d directory to make it autostart on boot:cp /data/lrt/ /etc/init.d/S46lora