Gateway side

1. Edit /opt/lora/local_conf.json file. Here is an example for the contents of the file:

    "gateway_conf": {
        "server_address": "",
        "gateway_ID": "000800FFFF4A00CF",
        "serv_port_up": 1780,
        "serv_port_down": 1780

Explanation of the fields above:

server_address Adjust according to the server used (eu1,ap1,cn1,au1)
EUI generated from MAC according to IEEE Guidelines, see the conversion mechanism below

MAC to EUI conversion

  • Retrieve the MAC address of your eth0 interface
  • Add FF:FF between the first three and last three bytes
  • Remove the colons
  • Make all HEX digits capital


• aa:11:22:33:44:55
is the MAC of your device
• aa:11:22:FF:FF:33:44:55
is the mac after extension with FF:FF
• aa1122FFFF334455
without colons
• AA1122FFFF334455
after capitalization

2. Enable the packet forwarder:

nano /etc/default/lora-packet-forwarder

3. Copy global_conf.json and local_conf.json to /var/config/lora directory

mkdir -p /var/config/lora
cp /opt/lora/global_conf.json /var/config/lora
cp /opt/lora/local_conf.json /var/config/lora

4. Fix init.d file

sed '76s/.*/#&/' /etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder >/etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder2
mv -f /etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder2 /etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder

5. Enable auto start of packet forwarder on boot with this command:

update-rc.d lora-packet-forwarder defaults 80 30

6. Start packet forwarder as a deamon

/etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder start

Server side

You need to register your Multitech mlinux gateway as a  semtech packet forwarder gateway. you will need the MAC address of your gateway.


There are no drawbacks using Semtech Packet Forwarder on a Multitech Conduit gateway regarding the core functionality. However you will not be able to use some of the extra services provided by Loriot gw software.